The Process

Feather Filling

SWP-15-0805_32-119All our feather cushions are machine filled. The feathers are poured into a large tank where they are stirred by a paddle. Then the feathers are blown into each individual channel within the cushion case. The cushions have channels sewn within them to help prevent the feathers moving around. Once the cushion has been filled they are weighed to make sure the cushion is the correct weight and density for the individual costumer needs.


Feather Conveyor

SWP-15-0805_14-54All our feather cushions are put through a brushing machine to eliminate excess feathers and help plump the cushions. Then they are sent along a conveyor through a metal detector.


Feather Packing

SWP-15-0805_15-65Once our feather cushions have been brushed and plumped and sent through the metal detector. They are then placed into feather packing area where the cushions are then placed into bags and the bags are then wrote on with the customer name , Cushion type and quantity.

Feather Pad Line

We also have a feather pad line where feather scatter cushions are produced. The scatter cases are clipped on to the filling chute where we then program in the scatter cushion’s required weight. Once we have done this the scatter cushion will automatically be filled by the machine to the desired weight. Once the scatters have been filled to the correct weight they are then sewn and packed.

Feather Examples


We supply a range of feathers from

  • China Duck: For the cheaper end market
  • European Duck: For mid to upper market
  • Feather/Down: For high end market
  • Down: For specialised markets

All our fillings comply to fire retardant requirements of 1988 and cleanliness tests.

The feathers are NOT plucked from live birds they are a by product from the food trade.

The Final Product

Feather Cushion

SWP-15-0805_136-50We supply all our feather cushions in a down proof cloth, with channels within the cushion case to maintain the filling in place.

Each cushion is filled to the density required for backs or seats.

We have a range of feather fillings to meet each customers market demand.