United Fillings Ltd. purchase their raw materials from the UK’s major manufacturers and stock a wide variety of grades, with an emphasis on quality, including the highly regarded Reflex range.

The blocks that we use can be sliced into sheets, profile cut to shape, fabricated to form complex shapes and packaged to meet your individual requirements.

We have state of the art CNC cutting capabilities, enabling us to cut any two dimensional shapes with great accuracy and consistency.

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In the majority of cases, flexible slabstock polyurethane foam is purchased on the basis of density and load bearing properties. The British Standard BS3379 covers specifications for flexible polyurethane foam for load bearing purposes and lays down performance requirements. Typical applications in BS3379:1991 (AMD 7126) are listed below:

Type of Class
Recommended Applications
Extremely Severe
Heavy duty contract seats.
Heavy duty public transport seats.
Very Severe
Public transport seats.
Cinema & Theatre seats.
Contract furniture seats.
Private & commercial vehicle seats.
Domestic furniture seats
Public transport backs & armrests.
Cinema & theatre backs & armrests.
Contract furniture backs & armrests.
Domestic foam mattress cores
Private vehicle backs & armrests.
Domestic furniture backs & armrests.
Component layers for domestic mattresses (excluding cores).
Padding, scatter cushions & pillows

We supply seats, backs and upholstery kit foams to most of the UK’s leading manufacturers from our factories in Long Eaton, Derbyshire and Billingborough, Lincolnshire.

Along with our feather and fibre facilities, we can in short, provide a complete solution to your requirements.