Our cushions are all loaded by hand and stacked into the relevant Lorries the cushions will be loaded in area order for each customer. The cushions are all checked onto to the lorry to make sure each customer is receiving all of their order correctly. The cushions are then stacked with last drop off at the front of the lorry and the first drop off at the back of the lorry.


We have in total 11 Lorries over the 3 sites travelling Nationwide Daily. All our Lorries are loaded by hand and are loaded in order to suit the customer’s needs. We also so have two vans at the Billingborough site and one at the long Eaton site for local and small deliveries.



United Fillings delivers all their goods via their own vehicles all over the UK, we pride ourselves on offering a regular delivery service to all areas of the UK.


Once the cushions have been produced and packed they are then carted into despatch. Where the cushions are then stacked into customer order into bays which are labelled by area ready for loading on to the relevant lorry later on that day.